How to take care of skin during rainy days?

How to take care of skin during rainy days?
The rainy season brings relief from the heat and sweat of heat and sweating but also brings about many types of infection between the humidity and the changing temperature. Everyone wants to enjoy this rainy season but people often forget about adopting the measures to save the losses and save them from this season.
Rain is coming season is quite necessary to worry about your skin extra care for you, because it is a time when live scattered small bacteria like many in the area who do you bother to infect your skin Can. Cleanliness and care are two factors that you should think about most at the moment. How to take care of skin: -
How <wbr>to <wbr>take <wbr>care <wbr>of <wbr>skin <wbr>during <wbr>rainy <wbr>days?
Bacterial and fungal infections occur in the skin are common problems in the rainy season. The dirty water seems to be exposed to infection in the big toe of the foot to the addition of problems such as allergies and itching also observes this season.
Best ways to care for different skin types in the rainy season (Best skin care tips for different types of skin during the rainy season)
The reason for dry skin is the lack of vitamins in the body which act as a repair of the skin. Dry skin measures, dry skin conditions in rainy conditions begin to worsen.
To remove the acne, prepare Multani Clay, clove oil, sandalwood powder and a paste of neem leaves. Construct this paste and leave it for a long time and use it only on acne.
In the rainy season, acne takes on a very common problem. To fix this, Multani Clay, camphor and clove oil with water. Use the fridge cool water to wash it
Tomato recipe
You may not know this, but Tomato is very effective in caring for your skin in the monsoon season. Using tomato prescription, you can add fresh life to your face. Take tomato for that, the pulp is raspberry. Now place the rash part On the face and leave it until it drilled completely dry. After that, you can wash it. During the rainy season, using this preset will make your skin look look very bright and young.
It is very important for the health of the catering during the rainy season to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. At this time it would be better for you to avoid all types of oily and spicy foods that are made out. The food cooked out is not clean and healthy. Due to the abundance of rainwater accumulated around your home, many types of bacteria get a chance to grow. As a result, they attack your skin and give rise to many types of infections. Apart from this, it is important to know that the food you eat is reflected in the health of your skin. Try to get a balanced diet containing all kinds of vitamins and minerals.
How <wbr>to <wbr>take <wbr>care <wbr>of <wbr>skin <wbr>during <wbr>rainy <wbr>days?
It is not enough to just clean your face with a cleanser or a face wash. You should also arrange for an effective toning treatment. This will open the holes of your skin and they will be able to breathe. With the opening of the pores, Your toner may be able to absorb moisture in sufficient quantity. Use toner which is good and has a good name in the market. Also, make sure this toner is according to your skin type. Take it in a cotton cloth and apply all your skin , Especially on the skin and throats. Once you have used toner, you will feel a great difference.